Let's Remind Congress: We, the constituents, are paying attention. 

Have you been wondering, "Hey Congress, Where's your backbone? Where's your morals? What do you stand for?" Well, you are not alone.

Our government's actions lately are appalling. It's time to hold them accountable to their previous promises to uphold our constitution and to protect ALL Americans. Remember, we did not send our friends, family and neighbors into wars to fight for the rights of other people overseas only to have our rights and dignities stripped here.

Obviously we have a few differences over exactly how we'll get there, but governing is about compromise NOT obstruction, violence and partisan divides.  Over the last few weeks, mostly due to the true incompetence of the new administration and their lack of coordination with other agencies, chaos has erupted in Washington and across the United States. Maybe you were rooting for it. Maybe not. Either way, we're guessing you were not imaging such a quick jump to support the normalcy of a man whose political ideology was built and led by a White-Nationalist empathizer (Steve Bannon) and a conspiracy theorist (Steve Miller).  This is not to say that they didn't tap into something powerful: a serious need to discuss how to create jobs in America. Sidenote: we'd love to have that conversation elsewhere so email us, but tl;dr it's a tale of automation and markets, not immigrants or refugees.

It is important to take steps now that protect our beautiful country, and to do no further harm. Keeping our skies, forests and waters pure and free of pollution is of vital importance for our children, and our children's children. Rethinking how we approach everyday problems leads to new business ideas, new enterprises and new jobs for thousands of Americans. We are already seeing it take place in the renewable energy, building and consumer goods sectors.

For decades, Congress has been preventing programs that would support the middle class from getting through faster, and we have to refocus our efforts on making those investments: . Some investments have been made over the last two terms (raising the minimum wage, bringing down the cost of solar energy so it is equal to the cost of alternatives, providing universal health care, giving the EPA additional authority to regulate toxic chemicals, providing ), and now all have been or are on the brink of becoming dismantled... The claim is that by rolling back the clock, we'll be saving jobs. The jobs often defended are jobs that were lost to abundant natural gas and automation.

That is not how this works. So...we have an idea


Why don't we send them a little note? 

Maybe, while they were so busy falling all over themselves, they dropped their moral compass somewhere? Let's remind them what it looks like.

Our plan is to send them a moral compass with this note:

"Dear [Representative/Senator]:

Looks like you've lost something.


The American People"

Sponsor a Compass

Help us reach our goal to send 535 compasses to Congress! A $10 donation covers all of our initial costs so if you want to give that much or more, we thank you.

Unfortunately, we're not a non - profit yet, we're just citizens making things happen.

Don't want to donate, but want to participate? Make your own at home, and tell us who you're going to send it to. You can look up your congressperson here: 


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